Monday, March 13, 2006

I have a big problem with tonight’s episode of The Apprentice. And it’s not what you might think.

My problem has nothing to do with the task – in fact, I really liked the task (but more on that later). The problem I have is the timing of the task. Why was a task scheduled on Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish holiday that Lee and Dan were off celebrating)? Rosh Hashanah is one of the most sacred holidays of the year. Observant Jews do not work – they spend the day in synagogue. It would be like planning a task for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Why place Lee and Dan in that awkward situation instead of postponing the task two days? It makes no sense to me. Trump was clearly aware of the situation (George was off for the holiday as well), yet didn’t change the scheduling. And for Lenny to question why they would put their faith above a television show is absurd. He should have been fired just for that.

Ok, off of my soapbox. I did like the task. Yes, it was full of product placement (and why do we always have to have product placement?), but there was more to the task than the truck. Planning a corporate retreat is a lot more involved than just creating an advertising campaign. I loved Synergy’s concept, and the fact that they had a theme. Tariq over at Gold Rush understood that too – too bad his teammates didn’t. You knew that they were going to lose when you heard that their concept was to have a horse and carriage, models, and a comedian. Yikes. Even with Brent and his busy work, you knew that Synergy would win. I think that at this point, Andrea and Allie have got to be favorites to win it all.

Not a favorite to win it all? Lenny. Oh Lenny. What is the deal with Lenny? First, he’s being ridiculously disrespectful by questioning Dan and Lee’s choice to observe Rosh Hashanah. Then we hear him talk about how he’s Jewish too, and he’s like the Israeli army. (what?) And of course, we get to see him “do everything” at the event. My guess is that if the cameras weren’t there, and they hadn’t signed a million page contract, Lenny would have been slugged by now.

The other person who I don’t understand is Tariq. Why is Trump always so hard on him? My only thought is that it is editing – either because he really messes up in a future episode OR because he ends up in the final two (and they want to throw us off). You heard it here first.

So, we get to the boardroom, and for some reason Theresa doesn’t bring back Charmaine, even though the two lowest parts of their retreat (the models and the comedian) were her responsibility. Bringing Charmaine back would have bought Theresa at least another week or two. So, Theresa is gone, and Tariq promises to step it up (even though Trump adds “if you can”). Very very strange.

Next week – “The Brent Show.”

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